What Is The Fast Forward Movement?

If You Want To Know The Road Ahead,

Talk To Someone Thats Been There Before

Because of the Revenue Share benefit of eXp, a unique system has developed that doesn't really exist at other brokerages. This is the most misunderstood aspect of eXp and one of the most important. The Founders of the Fast Forward Movement run massive teams selling 400+ homes per year. They realized that if they share their collective knowledge and their playbook on what they do in their business, it will attract others who share a similar mindset. Those agents will join and attract others, and it snowballs from there.

The Fast Forward Movement (FFM) is a collaborative group of agents from all over the country that have come together to create a collective force. 29 of the top 50 agents and Teams at eXp Realty in North America are part of the FFM which just goes to show the collective brain power in the group - and they are all sharing exactly whats working and not working in their businesses.

The FFM is unapologetically committed to a high level of production, focused on building strong & profitable businesses, streamlining the process, and connecting and sharing strategies with one another. Your success is our collective success.

Weekly Zoom Trainings

Fast Forward Movement Training

There is a FFM Facebook & Slack group where agents can collaborate and ask questions, and the leaders of the FFM will take the 3 most relevant topics or questions every week and those becomes the training topics of the week. This keeps the topics fresh and relevant.

The are trainings held via Zoom every single day of the week and are done by different people in the group every week who excel at whatever the particular subject is. Your broker might be good at structuring a deal, but maybe he or she isn't a master at generating leads from SEO or PPC. So why should you learn SEO and PPC strategies from someone that isn't an expert?

One person cannot possibly be an expert in everything, so doesn't it make sense to learn from multiple people on the topics they specialize in? Many brokers were really good many years ago, but may not be actively selling using 2024 strategies today. The power of this group is that you get to learn what's working right now from people selling at higher levels than you.

You learn from the best, then you can go implement it in your own business to sell more houses. It's not rocket science, but this kind of collaboration and "mindset of abundance" doesn't really happen at other brokerages at this level.

Fast Forward Movement Masterclass

New Agent Onboarding

Most agents get licensed and have no idea what to do next. The FFM has quarterly new agent onboarding classes taught by members of the FFM to help you hit the ground running. Learn the fundamentals of real estate and eXp Realty quickly so you can finish your first year with the income you want and deserve.

Don't be part of the 87% of agents that are no longer in the business after 2 years. Plug into the training and implement.


One of the best parts of the FFM is that you can recruit others to the groups training. When I was a broker-owner of a franchise brand, I had to give all the training to my agents myself. This was a huge time-suck for me personally and it took time away from my family and doing the things that made me real money - selling real estate and running my team.

If agent attraction and recruiting is something you want to focus on, you can leverage the training and knowledge of the group to help you grow your downline. You get to offer training and resources without having to be the one that is actually giving or putting on the training.

Do you see how this could be something that would attract a good agent focused on selling homes to want to join the company? All you do is make the introduction and they name you as their sponsor. No countless hours preparing to give a training or presentation that lazy uncommitted agents don't attend.

Experience A Monday Mastermind For Yourself

Anyone can talk about training, but until you experience it for yourself its just talk.

If you want to hop in on the Monday Mastermind (1PM EST Mondays), reach out to me and I'll get you the weekly password. Please note, the password changes weekly.